We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Mike Thomas

Founder / Principal

Mike Thomas is a local restauranteur and a 25 year veteran of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Mike is the founder of the popular Wild Slice Pizzeria brand and Principal/ Founder of the Mike Thomas Group, a restaurant and hospitality consulting firm with emphasis in serving the local independent operators with creative and unique marketing plans and operational guidance. Applying systems and techniques commonly used by the large corporate restaurant brands and adapt for the small business operators.

Prior to moving to Roswell GA in 2015, Mike worked for Bully’s Sports Bars for 12 years as the Director of Operations and Marketing in Reno Nevada where he managed 350 employees and 22 million in revenue annually. In 2010, Mike met his wife Cristy and in 2012 they married. After  their first child Sarah was born in 2013, they decided to move back to Georgia where Cristy grew up. Cristy is now a Kindergarten Special Education Teacher in Roswell.

Mike believes serving the community through his business ventures is paramount. He has served on The Drake House Young Professional Advisory Council, is a member of the Student Governance Council at Esther Jackson Elementary and of now, co-founder of the non-profit, Restaurant School Meal Program.

Email me: mike@mikethomasgroup.com

Hayley Langholtz

Director of Social Media / Content Creator

Hayley is an expert social media strategist. She’s helped numerous businesses turn followers into sales and leads. She loves creating engaging content and branding for each of her clients.

Hayley was a retail specialist and big time foodie when she decided to combine that with her love of social media and and started her own food blog – Hungrybocagals an account with 100k followers. She got there by becoming an expert in social media branding and content creation managing dozens of accounts in Georgia, New York and Florida. She loves telling the stories of the businesses with engaging content, video and graphics.

Email Hayley: hayley@mikethomasgroup.com

Nicole Babin

Graphic Designer / Digital Marketing Specialist

Nicole Babin is a graphic designer skilled in both print and digital media. From digital campaigns to marketing collateral, Nicole can deliver valuable branded assets for businesses.

Starting her career with a strong focus on digital marketing and advertising, Nicole became aware of the demand for graphic designers and the difficulties in requesting assets for digital campaigns and social media. She began studying and practicing graphic design and branding to understand the correlation between digital analytics and content produced. After designing and identifying the branding for large corporations, Nicole found a passion for design innovation and creating show-stopping materials.

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